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Join Maureen Phifer ( & Dr. Missy Albrecht for some FREE education @ Outlaw Yoga on ways to improve you gut health IMMEDIATELY. Maureen is a holistic nutritionist who believes in hydrotherapy for the colon to address many health issues and wellness goals. She will be focusing on what to eat, how to eat, how to eliminate (yes poop!) and others things that usually slip our mind as far as eating goes. Dr. Missy is a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in visceral mobility, which is the movement between our organs. She will focus on what creates ‘poor visceral mobility’, how it can affect your digestion AND movement, as well as ways that you can start to improve the movement between your organs. The knowledge and experience that Maureen & Dr. Missy will bring to this workshop has the ability to transform your life and change the way you view your body.



Dr. Missy Albrecht and Emily Schromm come together to blend nutritional therapy with human performance in this dynamic, comprehensive workshop. Addressing hip positioning and its connection with adrenal dysfunction and tissue longevity, this workshop will have you leaving with a beautiful understanding of your body and how to heal from the inside out.

*all participants receive a discount on one session with Dr. Missy & Emily!


Sorry for the inconvenience but we have decided the in person is a much better experience for all of you to learn and be able to apply the information! You can still purchase the recording of our first webinar here for 50% off.


@ Axistence Athletics 2017

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