Thrive Movement & Mobility Program

Thrive Program

Next one starts TBD!

Cost $35

*see below for optional  add-ons to take your tissue health to the next level!

Location your inbox….well that’s convenient:) 


  1. Find out where your movement restrictions are
  2. Learn how to improve your restrictions
  3. Learn how to prioritize what to work on when
  4. Create mindful movement & position habits that will lead you towards and healthier body and mind.

This 4 week program is completely online and designed to give you some accountability & guidance through reaching some movement & mobility goals beyond just doing mobility and moving! We need be be dialing in other things like how we move throughout our day, what positions we hang out in, what we eat, how we breathe, etc. Using Mobility WODs 7 green lights as our test- retest, I will take you through daily tasks to evolve your habits in a way that gets your entire body working for you.


  1. $35 Sign-up link here
  2. Check your e-mail daily
  3. 15min mobility per day
  4. Mindful movement and position throughout your day
  5. Share your pre/post videos/photos privately via e-mail for personalized feedback

Optional Add-ons:

***read here to learn why I added supplements to this challenge**

  • Private 30min Skype session with me for more individualized help $40

** if you’d like to do supplement/oil add ons purchase will be required through an additional website which I can guide you through once you sign-up in the link above. Add ons can be adjusted based on what you’re looking for. All oil purchases come with a wholesale membership for the year to receive 25% off all products**

Testimonials from past challenges:

“Dr. Missy takes you through a comprehensive assessment of body movement & follows it with specific mobility exercises that are easy to do at home.”

“Great instruction through the videos. Provides plenty of resources to use for lifelong health! I appreciate how engaged you stayed throughout the challenge and the feedback that was given to help correct positions.”

“I am moving better and feel more stable in life and while working out”